How we really live.

An interior snapshot 

Intercultural Interiors Survey

We’re interested in design – in things that make everyday life more pleasant and/or practical. In furniture that expresses the way we want to live. 


On behalf of the imm cologne, one of the biggest interiors shows in Europe, we are compiling a large-scale survey of how people in various cultures live – with the aim of being able to tell the designers, manufacturers, architects, interior designers and retailers who look to the fair for orientation something about what the reality they design, plan and buy for actually looks like. 


We think design is a universal language that is understood in any country. But that alone isn’t enough. It’s about what you do with the things the designers create as well. About how they fit in with your architecture, your daily routine, your life. What’s good about them and what's still missing. We’re curious about your world: the way you live in your own four walls, how you paint those walls, arrange the furniture, style the sofa and use the kitchen. About how you’ve turned the place you live into a home. 


That’s why we need your sofie. And your answers to our questionnaire. Anybody who participates can win a trip or some furniture in our prize draw. 

Survey with Prize Draw


The living room. Chill room. Dining room. Playroom. Movie theatre. Cosy corner. Gallery. Clubroom. 

A room with a TV socket?

Today, a sofa opposite the TV screen is all some people need.

The living room – once the biggest, most important and prestigious room in the house. Today, however, a sofa opposite the TV screen is all some people need. Or maybe you still have a couch and armchairs grouped around a coffee table, where friends can put their glasses during long evenings spent in conversation? And what about the display cabinet, the bookshelf, the piano? What’s boring and conventional, what’s cool? How much space do you need for dancing, camping out on the floor or playing with the train set? Or is it the door out to the garden or balcony that’s really important to you? 

Survey with Prize Draw


The bedroom. Closet. Catwalk. Baby changing room. Library. Home office. Ironing room. 

Not just for sleeping?

The bedroom isn’t always only used for one thing.

The bedroom – for some it’s the least important room in the home, for others the most important. But no matter whether it’s an oasis of calm or love: the bedroom isn’t only used for the purpose its name suggests. It can be a refuge for listening to music, reading or primping too. And it’s becoming more and more common to find the home office in a corner of the bedroom as well. A multifunctional space, the design of which is extremely personal. 

Survey with Prize Draw


The kitchen. Laboratory. Family room. Bar. Craft corner. Dining room. Private realm. Space for doing homework. Gourmet corner. 

Any space left for cooking?

The kitchen – the unofficial focal point of any home.

The kitchen – the unofficial focal point of any home. In your case too? Do your family and friends love to crowd round the cooker, table or breakfast bar in your kitchen, is this where your dog, your potted herbs or your espresso machine take pride of place by the window? Do you sometimes feel like tearing the walls down to make more room for the table or more space for cooking together? And let’s be honest: when you roll your sleeves up and get cooking, how much space is actually left for stylishly arranged decorations? 


Survey with Prize Draw

An interior snapshot

“Take a sofie”

We want to show people’s typical private lives in the individual countries. And the way they furnish their apartments and houses plays a key role in that – which is why we want to create a snapshot. 


This demonstrably typical snapshot is meant to represent a nation’s attitude towards life and generate understanding by translating it into something that can be experienced authentically with the senses.  


We believe the way we live says a lot about us. That’s why we think the way you live is a great way to find out about your world – whatever that world might look like. So please take part in this experiment and send us your sofie – and help us challenge the stereotypes we have of one another. 

So what is a sofie, exactly? Well, a "sofie” is a selfie with a sofa. Or taken from the sofa. Just take a photo of your home – the living room, bedroom or kitchen – and show us the best bits – it doesn’t really matter whether you can be seen on the sofa or not. We’ll post your pictures on this site. 


How do I take a really good sofie? 

Survey with Prize Draw

imm cologne – the leading trade fair for furniture & interiors since 1949

The imm cologne is the key furnishing show in the world's most important furnishing market. Right at the start of every year, it presents the latest international furniture and interior trends and creates a compelling and highly effective business atmosphere. The huge breadth and depth of what's on show ranges from self-assembly furniture all the way to premium brands and visionary product designs. In 2015, the 66th imm cologne will be joined by the two-yearly LivingKitchen event. LivingKitchen has established itself as the central meeting point of the kitchen world. From 19th to 25th January 2015, the trade fair duo LivingKitchen and imm cologne will again be inviting the driving forces of the kitchen and furniture industry to Cologne. At the previous event in 2013, 185 renowned national and international exhibitors from 22 countries, including the industry’s leading names, presented their latest ideas and innovations – from kitchen furniture and built-in appliances to sinks, kitchen taps and fittings, worktops, lighting and accessories. 142,000 visitors came to experience and be inspired by the trends affecting the living space known as the kitchen. 


The next dual exhibition imm cologne // LivingKitchen will take place from 19 to 25 January 2015 


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